Cloud sang fairy lily royal soup

Original Price:
USD 13 / Box
Minimum Order Quantity:100 boxes
Production Capacity:4000 boxes/month
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Tianjin Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou-Shenzhen Ningbo Lianyungang
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
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Quick details

Origin: China

Product name: Cloud sang fairy lily royal soup

Ingredients: water, fresh tremella, rock sugar, lily bulbs, red dates, wolfberry.

One box (G) : 2,000 grams

One can (g) :200 grams

One box: 10 cans

Shelf life: 24 months

Supply capacity: 1000 pieces per week

Lanzhou Shenguo technology agriculture Co., Ltd. was established on July 17, 2019. Main business scope: Lily technology research and development, development of Lily deep processing industry chain, agricultural technology research and development, Lanzhou Lily fruit and vegetable products, beverage processing and sales. The purpose of this paper is to solve the problems of transportation, storage, processing, promotion and single variety of Lanzhou lily. Our company is mainly through the government policy guidance, farmers wisdom planting, college precision research and development, enterprise science and technology production, open up the upstream and downstream industry chain, innovative development mode, from the blood transfusion poverty alleviation road to hematopoietic poverty alleviation road rapid transformation. With exquisite design, scientific deployment and ingenious production, taking safety and health as the primary premise, Lanzhou Lily has become a ready to eat, nutritious and healthy food. In the first phase, the company invested 130 million yuan and built a purification workshop of more than 10000 square meters. It is also the first fully automatic intelligent production line tailored for Lanzhou Lily in China. At the same time, a GMP certification laboratory was established, and a R & D team led by professors of biology, nutrition and food engineering was formed to develop a series of high-quality products for Shenguo company, and supervise and control the whole process of production and processing. Adhere to the healthy China 2030 strategy and the national nutrition plan, make the perfect combination of light luxury and light health, and give better play to the unique nutritional value of Lanzhou Lily medicine and food.

All employees of Shenguo technology will never forget their original intention, and their heart is like lily. With the blessing of yunshang fairy, let Lanzhou Lily go to all over the world from the shore of the Yellow River, and offer sweetness and health to the world.

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