Lanzhou Juicy Soft Frozen Pear

Original Price:
USD 25 / Box
Minimum Order Quantity:100 Boxes
Production Capacity:100000 Boxes/Year
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Tianjin Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou-Shenzhen Ningbo Lianyungang
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
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Product Details

Product Name: Ruaner Pear

Type: pear

Product Type: Pear Fruit

Color: brown

Shape: pear shape

Flavor: sweet

made in China

Availability season: September to March

Packaging and Delivery

Packing: carton

Gansu nansheng trading co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "gansu nansheng") is a comprehensive international trading service company with characteristics of agricultural products trading. Nan sheng agriculture does not forget beginner's mind, undivided attention to do local fresh, to assume greater social responsibility actively, actively build brought fresh fresh digital ecosystem, let the customer to eat more fresh, eat better, safer cost-effective fresh local specialty, let partners, growers, employees and other partners to create a Shared ecological value, and the cause of local features fresh nutrition lifelong service, with fruits and vegetables, better life.

The registered capital of the company is 2 million yuan, and the company has completed 6 million yuan financing through the integration of overseas Chinese technology and personnel. Since the company was founded on June 1, 2006, adhering to the enterprise purpose of "ingenuity is the soul of the enterprise, conscience is the soul of service", we are committed to creating a diversified professional and comprehensive business service system.

Gansu nansheng is a company with the disabled as a model and leading the way in self-improvement and entrepreneurship. With the responsibility and responsibility of "giving back to the society and benefiting the people" in mind, it actively develops social welfare undertakings to help the disabled and provides employment assistance for special groups in gansu province.

Gansu nansheng has established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with various large-scale agricultural, transportation, consumption, design, sports, engineering, labor insurance and other enterprises under its jurisdiction, and gradually formed the brand advantage of strong talents and professional technology. In addition, the company continues to expand its international development process by connecting with overseas real estate investment projects in southeast Asia and meeting Up Chinese cuisine in North America.

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